Roswell Kids? Arts ProgramS was envisioned back in 2007 by members of the? First Presbyterian Church. Wanting to provide arts to the youth of Roswell. Starting with a choir and orchestra, KAPS began to grow more in 2010 by adding a theatre program as well. KAPS has continued focus on the youth of Roswell and providing opportunities for them to experience the performing arts.

KAPS goal is make many more art forms available. Currently we have a thriving theatre program and visual art will be starting its second semester in the fall.

Many students and adults find their passion at a later age, one of our missions is to help students find their passion sooner. So they may start developing the skills that they may need for future to continue in the art that they love so much. Training students to make their art their life. Even for those students who may not continue in the arts after high school will still be training for skills that can be used in life altogether.

KAPS would like to keep our tuition as affordable as possible and reach out to those that may not have the opportunity to experience the arts due to finances. For this reason we gather donations, specifically for scholarships for our youth.