Youth Theatre Program Director/Teacher:?Lynetta Zuber
?A native to Roswell, NM, Lynetta has been involved with theatre & drama in some way since 1990. With years of experience, she has turned to the youth of Roswell, ready to teach and give them a chance to express themselves in different ways.
Continuously learning on her time and progressing in the world of STAGE, she hopes to reach out to the students and give them a safe haven to be themselves. As a member of the Roswell Community Little Theatre, she has worked on numerous productions, on stage and off. Well known for growing old on stage as Doris in?Same Time Next Year,?and her infamous scream as Lily Belle Savage in The Curious Savage,?and most recently as the drunkard Ms. Hannigan in?Annie. Working as stage manager, and lighting director, she is able to train students in all aspects of theatre. Showing students that there is much more to making magic happen then just the acting and bring them as far as envisioning a show just from reading a script and directing it to the stage. With the directing experience she has; Kiss or Make-Up, The Prisoner, Noises’ Off, The Lion In Winter, and The Christmas Pageant, and many more through KAPS in the last 7 years; she can handle grumpy adults and hyper kids.
Youth Theatre Teacher:?Alethea Hartwell
?Alethea is a homemaker. She and her husband Josh have two kids. Most of her time is spent homeschooling. However, she tries to find time for graphic design work, reading and general crafting. She has worked on numerous productions at RCLT (Roswell Community Little Theatre) including?The Murder Room, Spoon River Anthology, Wait Until Dark, and?The Prisoner. She most recently directed The Beams Are Creaking?and portrayed Aunt Abby in?Arsenic and Old Lace. Alethea enjoys being a part of the theatre. She says it gives her a ?creative outlet like nothing else!?
Art Program Director/Teacher: Rebeccca Porte
Music Program Director/Teacher: Kathy Cook


President -?Chris Samuels
Vice President – Josh Hartwell
Treasurer -?Nancy Williams
Secretary?- Sariah Bair

Directors: Alethea Hartwell and Lynetta Zuber